Why we came together

90% of toys in the U.S. toy industry are made of largely unrecyclable plastic, meaning that outgrown or out-of-favor toys may end up in the trash pile. Coupling this with the fact that a child’s attention span is three- to five-minutes per year of age makes joining The Toyary’s library a win-win-win for children, parents, and the environment.

- Sara, owner The Toyary

“Transportation, largely cars and trucks, accounts for the largest portion of U.S. Greenhouse Gas emissions. Transportation can also be among the most stressful part of the day, whether commuting, dropping kids off or running errands. Since over half of all car trips in MA are 3 miles or less, there’s great opportunity to reduce emissions and utilize less stressful ways of getting around. Let The Ride Cafe help make your trips more relaxing and fun.”

- Kara, owner The Ride Cafe

”We as consumers are incentivized to buy a large, brand new item for a single project and then let it collect dust in the basement. We are also more aware now of the cost to our planet, our wallets, and our sanity when we accumulate so much. Before buying a new thing, before throwing out a whole item, let's lend and mend when we can!”

- Elaina, owner Lend and Mend

”My two favorite things in life are libraries and bicycles.
They both move people forward without wasting anything.”

- Peter Golkin, Arlington, VA Public Library